Nass River Remote Steelhead Adventure Camps.

Arne with a Chromer guided by Westcoast Fishing Adventures.
Steelhead Camp Breakfast
Ken,Jimmy,Richard telling steelhead stories by the fire.
Steelhead Camp Dinners are home cooked every night by our guides. Meals include: Surf n' Turf, Lasagna, chili, Sheppard’s Pie, Steak & Prawns.
Preparing dinner in Steelhead Camp
Nass River
Steelhead Camp Living Quarters
Steelhead Camp
Beautiful Steelhead landed after a great battle.
Steelhead Camp BBQ Dinner
Feet up in Steelhead Camp with sore arms and a cold beer does not get any better !
Steelhead Camp Nass River
Getting there is have the Fun! Every Day is an adventure you will leave the camp with memories to last a life time.
Bill with a beauty on the Pin
Gill & Bill
Happy Clients at Steelhead Camp
Gill And Helge enjoy a moment on the river with a fresh from the Sea Steelhead caught in the Gauntlet ! Those that have been there will never forget it… Tight Lines and Screaming reels.
We travel into our camps via helicopter or in our CAN-AM Commander Side by Side.
Heli fishing
We travel into our camps via helicopter or in our CAN-AM Commander Side by Side.
Happy Client with Steelhead
Life in Camp
Break time!
The morning in Steelhead Camp
The morning in Steelhead Camp
"Nobody helps me" Bob with a Great fish he caught all on his own we are all proud of you BOB .
On the hunt for Steelhead
Steelhead adventure camp getting there is half the trip !!
The view from steelhead camp in the morning.
Fish On Down river no rest for Richard get down there and help him land that chromer !~
Fly got your tongue?
Lunch time in Steelhead Camp
Guest comments on the Walls of the Tent !
Spey Tree
Friends with common interests.
Frank & Richard with bright Steelhead
Another bright Steelhead
Catchot Group getting Breakfast.
Steelhead camp with guide dog Diesel.
Putting the the word ‘Adventure’ into perspective
Moose in the Fall
Early Fall Steelhead
Fall Steelhead
Nass River Steelhead
Nass River Steelhead
Fall Steelhead
Nass Steelhead
Lor & Adam Fall Coho/Silver
Fall Coho/Silver
Fall River
Enjoy this Steelhead Photo collection this is just a pin prick from 2013 /  20 years of guiding In The Skeena,Nass,Kitimat regions.To see more Steelhead Porn Visit

Spring Steelhead Camp: March 24 – May 10

Fall Steelhead Camp: September 1 to November 30

Our season starts with our Remote Spring Steelhead camp, or from our B&B with Beautiful bright Steelhead showing up as early as the Third week in March. Fresh from the sea this we call our spring run. Summer run Steelhead start arriving into the Skeena river in August and numbers only become stronger into October, as they move into there home tributaries where they will pair up, hold over and get ready to spawn. They are strong, silver, and quick to take the fly during the early part of September, then they color up. This is a great time for dry flies. It is not uncommon for males to aggressively take the fly and fight as exquisitely as the female, by jumping and showing their colors. Until finally the snow flies and we pack up camp and leave them to reproduce. In the most remote Steelhead destination yet to be explored!

How would you like to be the one to say I was the first one to set foot on this Magnificent Steelhead River??


I have spent the last 20 years exploring this area and found the fishing to be out of this world, not to mention the pure beauty of the untouched wilderness. As you fly in and gaze out the helicopter window to the landscape below you will truly feel you are leaving all your worries behind. I guarantee you will leave the camp with a whole new out look on the world we call home!



There are Wolves, Moose, Grizzly bears, Eagles, Otters, and many other animals and birds out and about. These animals in this untouched pristine environment are waiting for winter, they are scurrying around and collecting food. The snow caped Mountains with the yellow and red leaves on the occasional sunny day make for breath taking photos, while holding your very own trophy Steelhead for a quick photo and released to swim free again, to continue its life cycle.

The Camp

panoramic photo of camp

You will be within a stones throw of the river thus getting as much fishing in as you like. I will also be flying in a 14 foot jet sled to get around on the water as well as a raft. All guiding services, as well as access to a few flies custom tied by your “Westcoast Adventure Guide” will be provided. Transportation in and out of camp will be provided by White River Helicopters Or our Can Am commander 1000 on tracks.

Sleeping arrangements will consist of aluminum framed cots. Heat will be supplied by a pot bellied wood stove in each tent. I will have a sat phone in camp in case of emergencies or adverse weather conditions.There will be Coho available as well, however our main focus on the Nass & Tributaries will be Steelhead. There are also native rainbows & bull trout in the system.

This is truly an adventure you will never forget!

Fishing is our addiction!  Guiding is our Passion!  Adventure is in our blood!

Tight Lines Gill Mckean

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