Steelhead Backroads

Exclusive Remote Spring & Fall Steelhead Camp – now booking for 2018 & 2019

Don’t miss your chance to fish for beautiful bright fresh from the sea Steelhead on the the fly !

Space is limited to 4 persons per week – we believe in Quality over Quantity!

Truly an adventure you will never forget! We fish all year long!


Remote Coastal Adventure Spring Steelhead & Chinook

Prime Time: March 20 – May 15

This incredible package offers the chance to sight-fish for large Steelhead in remote, code – named coastal streams. When we get to these serene systems, we hike in to stalk these sea-lice covered fish, sure to find heart-pounding wilderness adventure. Another prey is a shot at bright, monster on the same day Chinook Salmon. Check out our latest Nass River Remote Camp Steelhead Adventure.


Arne with a Chromer guided by Westcoast Fishing Adventures.
Steelhead Camp Breakfast
Ken,Jimmy,Richard telling steelhead stories by the fire.
Steelhead Camp Dinners are home cooked every night by our guides. Meals include: Surf n' Turf, Lasagna, chili, Sheppard’s Pie, Steak & Prawns.
Preparing dinner in Steelhead Camp
Nass River
Steelhead Camp Living Quarters
Steelhead Camp
Beautiful Steelhead landed after a great battle.
Steelhead Camp BBQ Dinner
Feet up in Steelhead Camp with sore arms and a cold beer does not get any better !
Steelhead Camp Nass River
Getting there is have the Fun! Every Day is an adventure you will leave the camp with memories to last a life time.
Bill with a beauty on the Pin
Gill & Bill
Happy Clients at Steelhead Camp
Gill And Helge enjoy a moment on the river with a fresh from the Sea Steelhead caught in the Gauntlet ! Those that have been there will never forget it… Tight Lines and Screaming reels.
We travel into our camps via helicopter or in our CAN-AM Commander Side by Side.
Heli fishing
We travel into our camps via helicopter or in our CAN-AM Commander Side by Side.
Happy Client with Steelhead
Life in Camp
Break time!
The morning in Steelhead Camp
The morning in Steelhead Camp
"Nobody helps me" Bob with a Great fish he caught all on his own we are all proud of you BOB .
On the hunt for Steelhead
Steelhead adventure camp getting there is half the trip !!
The view from steelhead camp in the morning.
Fish On Down river no rest for Richard get down there and help him land that chromer !~
Fly got your tongue?
Lunch time in Steelhead Camp
Guest comments on the Walls of the Tent !
Spey Tree
Friends with common interests.
Frank & Richard with bright Steelhead
Another bright Steelhead
Catchot Group getting Breakfast.
Steelhead camp with guide dog Diesel.
Putting the the word ‘Adventure’ into perspective
Moose in the Fall
Early Fall Steelhead
Fall Steelhead
Nass River Steelhead
Nass River Steelhead
Fall Steelhead
Nass Steelhead
Lor & Adam Fall Coho/Silver
Fall Coho/Silver
Fall River


Chinook (King) Salmon Fly Fishing

Prime Time: April 11 – July 24

Looking for big game fly fishing in freshwater?

If you like the challenge of hooking and landing big, sea-run fish, we have just the package for you.The Skeena region offers the avid fly-fisher a prime opportunity to target aggressive, chrome bright Chinook Salmon during two incredible seasons: Spring and Summer.



Family Adventures: July 1 to August 30

Family adventures are a big part of our season with the economy we find families taking fewer trips, instead enjoying trips together fishing in nature and enjoying our long summer days on the Skeena & Kitimat river by drift boat or Jet boat we look forward to meeting your family.

Summer Run Steelhead  Sept 1 / December 15

Our summer run steelhead packages are designed for the beginner to the hard core spey casters that want to see and learn to techniques while taking in remote wild rivers from swinging intruders to skating dry flies we do it all in the fall. There are also many other speices around to enjoy catching such as wild rainbow trout, dolly varden,Coho salmon, in some of our area rivers these can all be caught in the same stretch of river.


Ocean adventure packages also available

We offer the finest saltwater fishing in the world.



Please call for Rates & availability  1-866-578-8552 toll free Or 1-250-638-0021 or email us