Spring Steelhead Bootcamp

Remote camp
Remote Spring Steelhead camp
Home pool Early Morning in Bootcamp
Birds Eye View - Hooked Up
Spring Steelhead Bootcamp
Steelhead Bootcamp
Spring steelhead on the fly.
Steelhead guests enjoy the remote scenery

Coastal Steelhead start migrating in March Through April we have a variety of rivers at our disposal. Skeena river, Kitlope river, Kitimat river, Nass river spey casting / fly fishing or center pin are methods used to angle for these transient Chrome beauties join us on one of our many remote fishing adventures.

steelhead landed by guest of westcoast fishing adventures

Skeena river, Nass river, Kitimat river steelhead can be caught almost year round depending on mother nature and the size of the run. Its always best to inquire with a professional local guide, as most angling guides in the Terrace area now move through the guide circuit and are no longer local. At Westcoast fishing adventures we are local and live on the water living to fish and fishing to live !

Brendan Morrison & Gill McKean enjoying the moment steelhead caught on a piece of Yarn.

Fish above landed By Brendan Morrison guided by Gill McKean 25 year veteran guide while filming TV show REEL WEST COAST 2017 stay tuned !

What to Bring:

To ensure you are comfortable and prepared for your fishing adventure, we have compiled a list of things you should bring along. This is a complete list for both steelhead backroads camp and lodge adventures.

  • A quality fly vest or waist pack suitable to pack daily fishing/rain gear.
  • A quality 50+ liter backpack, containing all your clothing and fishing gear. Not to exceed 50 pounds.
  • A lightweight rain jacket.
  • Travel pillow for camp
  • Clothing designed for “layering”. Lightweight warm underwear and thermal socks for under waders. 6) A pair of lightweight chest waders suitable for active wear (we prefer Gore-tex).
  • A pair of felt soled wading boots in good condition. Gravel guards necessary.
  • A lightweight flashlight with spare batteries and a lighter.
  • A good hook file.
  • A multi use tool (including pocket knife) such as leatherman or similar pliers for releasing fish.
  • An 8/9 weight rod/reel for Steelhead, perhaps a lighter rod such as a 5/6 weight for trout.
  • Spare rod.
  • One sinking shooting head (optional).
  • Polarized sunglasses.
  • BB shot .
  • A good selection of flies, broadly assorted by color (blue, purple and black being the favorites), weight and style (especially leeches)…in both wet and dry (always bring at least 1 large dry fly. such as a bomber).
  • Gloves, one pair for hiking, one pair for fishing.
  • Camera…preferably waterproof (digital).
  • A pair of lightweight hiking boots or shoes.
  • A towel and toiletries for a week.
  • Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, etc) for one week.
  • Favorite hat preferably rain proof.
  • A combination of sinking and floating lines. Changeable tip systems work quite well for variation.
  • A USB External flash drive to take our photos home with you

We can provide you with hearty home cooked meals in our comfortable Family run fishing Lodge. What you may need to bring may vary depending on the length and type of guided adventure you book. Ask us any questions you may have when you make your Reservation.