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Terrace British Columbia is the destination of choice for fishing enthusiasts wanting a wide variety of salmon and steelhead. Trophy Chinook (Kings), Coho (Silvers), Chum (Dog Salmon), Sockeye (Reds) and Pink Salmon along with Dolly Varden, Char and the best rainbow and cutthroat trout fishing that North America has to offer. Lets not forget that the Skeena region is home to the largest steelhead ever caught!

 A Fishing Report With A Little Twist by Gill McKean

Terrace British Columbia is the destination of choice for fishing enthusiasts wanting a wide variety of salmon and Steelhead. Trophy Chinook (Kings), Coho (Silvers), Chum (Dog Salmon), Sockeye (Reds) and Pink Salmon along with Dolly Varden, Char and the best rainbow and cutthroat trout fishing that North America has to offer. Lets not forget that the Skeena river, Nass river & Kitimat river region is home to the largest Steelhead ever caught!

We have everything, except, overcrowded combat fishing. Although, you may experience the rare sighting of another fisherman.

Located in North Western B.C., just off the Pacific Coast, in the town of Terrace. You fly to Vancouver and then take a one-hour flight to this world-class fishery.

Fly fishing on the Nass river steelhead.
Fly fishing on the Nass river steelhead.

Looking back at 2014 we had some of the lowest water on record that said it provided some of the best Steelhead & Salmon fishing we have seen in years as the months past we headed into September wondering if we would ever see the “RAIN ” and it came and never stopped that said we managed to keep our guests hooked up daily. The key to success is doing your home work being on the water daily and never giving up. Not to mention the years of experience thousands of dollars in equipment to get our guests to the waters edge in comfort and style from 30 ft Jet boats to Track Machines on to a zodiac then across the snow to a remote Steelhead camp in other words we are fully committed guide outfitter that prides it self in taking your investment then applying it to the waters we guide. Welcome to Westcoast Fishing Adventures we are now booking for 2015 our guide program will start again with our remote steelhead camp on a river that has limited access as well as very limited guide allocation we have fought every year to keep this experience pristine with out over booking this incredible fishery there will only be four lucky guests per week we are 70% booked on this trip, however we will also be guiding the Skeena river class 2 and the unclassified sections as well. For the Secret that has been let out of the Bag with recent videos of some of the largest Steelhead you can imagine we will now look forward to showing our guests a fishery that Gill & Justin pioneered when most only thought of Steelhead being caught on the Sustut or Dean rivers on dries or the Kalum river in the spring to name just a few, we were just 20 years old with big dreams and bigger ambitions than just working for North West Fishing guides.with out the help of Google Earth we set out on a mission to pioneer rivers and unlock fisheries very few Knew existed. It is with out disrespect that there is know doubt that some old timers have encountered these beauties but most guiding and lodge owners were just happy to beat up on one river keeping there costs down and program going smooth. As we were beating the bushes cutting trails and breaking new ground on unclassified waters of the North. Justin has since moved on but still feels the pull of Northwest BC every day as he has made his home in Kamloops BC.

It is now 2014 with more guides and even more pressure on a fishery that is based on having first water it is my belief that if you are unable to catch a Steelhead it is because they have either been caught and the pool has been disturbed or they are not there. Now there are some exceptions to this rule of course as you can not catch them all unless you are using roe / eggs in this case it is almost impossible for a Steelhead to pass this meal up un knowing there is a size 2 Gami buried in there some where. Hence the debate that takes place with the evolution of an angler that some refuse to allow to happen we were not all born with fly rods in hand so we must as sports man & women embrace others that choose other methods to angle, and in time most if not all after the first catch to the big numbers to the largest fish ok you get the point come to except spending time on the water with good people taking in the surroundings.

Fall Fishing for Steelhead & Coho
Fall Fishing for Steelhead & Coho

I feel it is important to keep the sport of angling alive, as in the end it is not about the fish that are caught, it is about experiencing the outdoors and the places it takes you, the people you meet along the way Good or Bad .. I found it very funny just the other day myself and Mandi were out on the Kalum river we noticed more anglers than we have ever seen as I stopped and fished a run 2 anglers passed with Big smiles and a warm hello ! as they paddled off into the distance Mandi turned to me and said “there is no way they are local”,  I laughed and said your correct they looked at us and said a warm hello. Is this what we have created out of a sport that as a young boy my Dad attended the Rod and Gun Club on Vancouver Island in large gatherings of Sports Men & Women from potlucks to turkey shoots the Totem Fishers and on it goes I have fond Memories of these days of happy people sharing memories and places they have been. Have we lost this the comrade and sportsman? It has become so competitive that we cant even say hello to each other on the water.

At the age of 42 with my life invested in Terrace BC starting a business in the 90 ties with Justin Gyger after some time spent as an assistant guide for North West Fishing Guides also known as BIG FISH COUNTRY .. & it is ! I have made it my mission to see as many rivers and to unlock there secrets while sharing my knowledge with others from around the world & most recently Teaching the Kitselas First Nations the Art of guiding I do this with pride and vigor as they put there trust in my many years of angling,rafting,boating ect… I have over the years taken many anglers into our lodge as friends with the desire to become guides or employes of Westcoast showing them the secrets of our years of hard work only to turn on us this is where the story takes a turn as I am getting older I have trained and employed 40% of my competition I guess this is why the apprenticeship program has been a tough nut for most trades workers. That said I am still here loving every day I get to spend on the water always learning and seeing things I would never see in an office enviroment.

So with that off my chest i hope you enjoy this report as we head into December a time to spend remembering the Spring,Summer and Fall with family and friends Tight Lines to All whether you choose to Spin,Fly,Float or Troll enjoy Tip your Head Up & Show us your most ripping cast keep on fishing.

Skeena river spring steelhead

Tight Lines

Gill McKean


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