Old Skeena Bridge Terrace, BC guided by Gill McKean
Fall Steelhead & Coho
Steelhead Bootcamp guided by Gill McKean
Remote Spring Steelhead camp with long time guest Craig guided by Gill McKean
Remote Spring Steelhead Camp
Summer run Pink Salmon on the Skeena River
Steelhead bootcamp - Home pool
Fall Coho guide by Gill McKean
Fall Coho
Father & Son from Norway
Team Poland
Fall Steelhead with Stu
Beautiful Skeena River Coho guided by Gill McKean - Mandi McDougall
Mark with some Fall Steelhead
Winter Run Steelhead Mandi McDougall
Fall on the Mighty Skeena
Summer Run Steelhead on the Skeena River guided by Gill McKean
Filming with Tom Rosenbauer WCFA is Orvis Endorced
Skeena Steelhead
Guests from Norway guided by Gill McKean
Spring Kitimat Steelhead
Fall Coho guided by Gill McKean
Skeena River Steelhead guided by Gill McKean
Spring Steelhead in Steelhead Bootcamp
Steelhead Bootcamp guided by Gill McKean
Gill McKean Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide
Fall Steelhead
Spring Steelhead Guided by Gill McKean Kitimat River
Fall Fishery for Steelhead & Coho guided by Gill McKean
Filming with Mark Melynk
Trout Fishing
Guide Dakota Mercer for Westcoast Fishing Adventures Skeena River Coho
Fall Skeena Steelhead guided by Gill McKean
Tor from Norway - Summer Steelhead on the Skeena river
Joint Venture WCFA & KDC
Skeena River Steelhead on the Skeena River guided by Gill McKean & Dakota Mercer
Tom & Big Diesel <3 Spring Steel
Team California headed into Spring Camp
Fall Steelhead guided by Gill McKean
Skeena River Steelhead guided by Gill McKean
Summer Steel on the Skeena
Fall Fishing on the Mighty Skeena

Westcoast Fishing Adventures

Westcoast Fishing Adventures operates in a World Class fishing destination, with 20+ years of guiding experience on the Skeena, Nass & Kitimat Rivers and nearly all the remote Salmon & Steelhead systems of beautiful Northwest BC. Extending our boundaries as far as the head waters of the Nass river, Bell Irving river, Cranberry river, Meziadin river to name a few. We offer unique guided Salmon & Steelhead fishing adventures on both freshwater and saltwater. Specializing in Spey casting / Fly fishing and conventional fishing. We offer full service Lodge packages, for a maximum of 6 anglers per week with accommodations at our family run fishing lodge, on what I consider the more urban fisheries the Kitimat river & Main Stem Skeena that flows East from the town of  Smithers BC West nearly to Prince Rupert where it meets the Pacific ocean in total 600km long. New to our list of guidable waters is the Skeena 4 section, which is an amazing time to go to an uncrowded part of the Skeena swining for Trophy Summer Run Steelhead, these Steelheads are coming in straight from the ocean, traveling towards their spawning grounds, the Kispiox, Babine, Morice etc.  Come catch these babies while they are still chrome, full of spunk and in most cases still have sea lice on them!  YeeHaw! Tight Lines.

During your stay with us,  you will be comfortable in large newly renovated rooms & after a cool day on the water, enjoy a walk in commercial cedar sauna. We have a room dedicated to the avid fly tier, or to those that want to learn how to tie flies. A full library of books written by local anglers, photo albums, two separate living/reading/t.v rooms to sit and enjoy a movie or documentary.  Fly tying lessons can commence after a hearty home cooked meal.

Guests can relax in one of the three living rooms, equipped with entertainment, photo albums from the beginning of Westcoast Fishing Adventures, listen to the Juke box. Watch videos that feature Gill guiding various celebrities from around the fishing globe.  Admire the fish mounts in our Great Room along with the stories that come with them.

off the beaten path – steelhead backroads

We are proudly offering our Remote Steelhead Camps, for 7 years and counting. This style of guiding truly offers a remote rustic high quality fishing experience in comfort, Spey Casting for Wild Silver Steelhead & Salmon on pristine wilderness rivers. In the camp we reserve 4 rods  each week 6 nights 5 days, giving you more opportunities at hooking up. We feel larger groups can take opportunity away from our angler, while hunting these Wild Steelhead. 

We also offer a rustic Glamping experience on our 30 acres of private property you can stay in one of our fully outfitted 16 by 20 canvas wall tent made my Deluxe Wall Tents, large enough to sleep 4 comfortably, set up on a Sitka Spruce spruce platform complete with covered deck. BBQ & Wood stove for the cool evenings there is also a large fire pit to sit and share stories around before bed with a cold adult beverage, here you will feel as though you are in the wilderness with out being to far from the comfort of the lodge and staff we are here to help with any thing you may need. This is available from May 1 to Oct 20 upon request.

No matter the style of angling you desire, Gill is always willing to instruct you and give helpful pointers into sharpening your angling arsenal.  

We provide world class fishing adventures all year round!



Chinook aka ‘Kings’, Coho aka ‘Silvers’, Steelhead, Chum, Pinks, Rainbows, Dolly-Varden and Trout.